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Client Feature: Edward Bishop

Edward works as a portrait, documentary and editorial photographer, telling stories about people and places. We produced this print for him for Taylor Wessing and were particularly struck by the ability of this image to capture both atmosphere and intrigue at the unrecognisable activity of the subject. He says of this work:

"I was on Brighton beach late last summer during an equinoctial low tide. There were all these fishermen out on the sand catching worms. They had these strange suction like devices made out of copper tubing for extracting the worms fromsand. The fisherman in the photo had a child's trolley with a bucket in it attached to his waist that he was using to store the worms, that trundled behind him as he searched the sand.

There was this brilliant soft quality to the light and in it the fisherman with his waders, cart and strange pipe seemed struck a somewhat etherial figure to me."

Edward prides himself on always looking for symmetry, balance and proportion in his work and strives to construct images imbued with a sense of stillness and calm.