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Client Feature: Alex Bamford

Hi Alex, did first get involved with Photography?

I bought my first camera, a Pentax Spotmatic, when I was 18 and enrolling for a Graphic Design course and photography has been a very large part of my work in advertising ever since.

What kind of subjects do you find the most interesting?

I’ve always been a bit nocturnal, so it was only a matter of time before I discovered the wonder of moonlight. I’ve been going out at full moon for the last 10 years now, I love the way the light turns familiar landscapes into something otherworldly.

You are also a key figure in Brighton's Open House festival, how important is it for people to see printed matter?

We’ve been doing Open House for the last 5 years. Having prints on the wall gives a great opportunity to talk to people about your work. It can be surprising to see how they react to it and it really helps to get ideas of how to develop it. With luck, you also get to sell a few prints too without gallery commission.

Can you talk us through your project Sleepwalkers? Where did the project start?

The Sleepwalking project started four years ago. I’d been experimenting for a while with ways to get a human element into my night photography. I started by walking through the shots twirling a home-made light stick or waving around a plastic bag full of gelled lights but then the idea of a sleepwalking figure came to me. I like the link between the light of the moon and lunacy, so the series enables me to go out and do idiotic performances without an audience. It appeals to my sense of humour.


To see more of Alex's night time wanderings check out www.alexbamford.com